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Anton de Pasquale fastest in qualifying

19/04/14 -

Anton de Pasquale will start both races from pole.

The fastest time set in the qualifying is the start grid for race 1, the second time is for the start grid for race 2.

Anton de Pasquale race 1 pole race 2 pole

Larry ten Voorde race 1 second race 2 also second

Ferdinand van Habsburg race 1 third race 2 fourth

Florian Janits 4th and 3rd

Janneau Esmeijer 5th and 6th

Ralf Aron 6th and 5th

Max Dufourny 7th and 8th

Oliver Soderstrom 8th and 7th

Paul Sieljes 9th and 11th

Boris Kolff 10th and 9th

Neal van Vaerenbergh 11th and 10th

Simon Mirquet starts both races from 12th

Pontus Frederiksson starts from 13th in both races 

and Cedric Piro start 14th in both races.


Race 1 will be on Monday at 11.30 hrs while race 2 will be at 16.50 hrs. 

Follow the races live at or live timing through


Click here for the full qualifying result sheet

Anton de Pasquale fastest in qualifying

Anton de Pasquale (Lechner Racing School) fastest in second practice session

First practice session of the year results